ACT-1 Audio/Cable Tester
ACT-1 Spec Sheet PDF File

The Miles Technology ACT-1 Audio/Cable Tester provides an immediate and complete indication of the wiring status of any audio cable.

In addition, with a simple flip of a switch, the unit provides a 500 Hz test tone at either microphone or line level. This is for checking any signal path through an audio system. It can also be used for adjusting or calibrating levels.

When testing cables, the unit checks continuity from every connector pin at one end to every connector pin at the other end. The test sequence repeats at 62.5 Hz, allowing effectively continuous display of the results. With just a little practice, the specific wiring of any cable can be comprehended with just a quick glance.

The LED display and its associated graphic depiction show exactly how each connector contact at one end of the cable is wired to the contacts at the other end. Any short or open is immediately evident. Any connector pins left open or cross wired can be identified or verified.

Any cable utilizing 3-pin XLR-type connectors, quarter-inch phone connectors, or RCA phono connectors, or any combination of those, can be instantly, conveniently tested.

Special-purpose types such as insert-patch cables, polarity reversing cables, and balanced-to-unbalanced cables can be easily verified. Other types of cables can be tested simply by using adapters to connect them to the ACT-1.

At each XLR connector, continuity is checked from pin 1 to the shell of the connector. This reveals shorts to the connector shell.

Extended or installed cables can be tested from just one end with the DT-1 Diode Terminator and the PC-1 Patch Cable. Simply plugging in the local end reveals shorts between conductors, any open conductors, and cable wiring.

Operation is very simple--just turn on the unit and plug one end of the cable into an "A" connector, and the other end into a "B" connector.

When used as a test tone generator, the "A" connections provide the output signal at microphone or line level, according to the selector.

Digital circuitry is used for consistent, reliable operation. A single nine-volt battery powers the unit. High-efficiency LEDs and low-power circuit design assure long battery life.

Made with pride in the U.S.A., the Miles Technology ACT-1 is backed with our comprehensive three-year warranty.

ACT-1 Specifications

2­RCA/phono, 2­¼" phone (3-conductor), 1­male XLR-type, 1­female XLR-type

Power, Test Mode (Cable/Line Osc/Mic Osc)

Battery Type:
9-volt, NEDA 1604A or equiv.

Battery Life:
70 hours (power-on or Osc)

Battery Current:
8 mA (idle/Osc. mode), 19 mA (three indicators on), up to 52 mA (all indicators on)

Test Current:
1.8 mA per pin Test Voltage: 4.6 V

Test Repetition Rate:
62.5 Hz

Test Pulse Width:
4.0 ms

Maximum Cable Capacitance:
0.22 uF

Oscillator Frequency:
500 Hz +/-3%

Oscillator Waveform:
Filtered square wave

Oscillator Level:
Line: 1 V; Mic: 25 mV

Three Years from date of purchase; limited to repair or replacement due to materials or workmanship. For service, call for Return Authorization.